BRAND D MEDIA: This Is What We Do!

BRAND D MEDIA: This Is What We Do!

Media Coverage

Media coverage and media management are key components of the integrated marketing approach. At Brand D Media, we ensure that the media efforts we propose align with your company’s strengths and are fully integrated into your marketing and communications plan.

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is key to creating brand as awareness and establishing a consumer-brand relationship. Brand D Media helps our clients deign the marketing campaigns to maximize the consumer engagement. This involves a multi-tiered approach with both ad-copy, audio-video commercials for TV and Internet as well as editorial strategically placed in various forms of media to create an integrated marketing of the client’s brand.
Included in this approach is:

Advertising Agency Services

Media buying, in traditional and unconventional media outlets
Sponsorship opportunities
Marketing and sales promotion
Market intelligence and analysis

Social Media

in our current highly technological and online society, if you are not digital then you are dead. Social media is not only a buzz word but essential in any business that wants to reach their targeted audience as a large percentage of them are using Facebook, twitter and instagram. Online platforms have proven to be an effective brand marketing communications tool for businesses focused on B2B and B2C strategies. By utilizing key social media outlets and other online platforms, Brand D Media can assist a clients in developing an identity as well as reaching their targeted audience more effectively. Our services include: Website design and development, Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search AdWords.

Event Planning &  Management

Brand D Media helps our clients with all their branding needs including physical event planning and management. We take care of everything from planning the event concept and preparing the logistics, which helps the client create promotional events to help them in launching their product and services and communicate their brand message.

Brand Building

Building a brand is like stacking bricks – it needs direction and fine craftsmanship to get it right and create success. Brand D Media’s Creative Team will work with our clients to produce concepts that will create maximum brand awareness that sets you apart from your customers.

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